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Investigating the Deus Mortis Cult is a top down stealth horror game which follows a journalist's investigation into strange cult activity on an abandoned shipwreck in the Arctic. You play as investigative journalist Elis Glenn, who has traveled to the remote island of Svalbard in order to understand the activities and motivations of the strange cult known as Deus Mortis. As the game unfolds, the cult members become increasingly hostile and Elis finds himself running for his life, all while trying to understand what the cult so desperately wants.

    Gameplay consists of navigating the abandoned KNM Kraki shipwreck in the dark, avoiding cultists and looking for clues as to their motivations. Armed with only torchlight, Elis must navigate the darkness, find his missing colleague and escape the ship. But what hides in the darkness has other plans, for those who enter this ship are forever changed. Those who enter become His. Those who enter were always His.


Deficiency Productionz (Itch)- Art/ Game Design

@JoeTheJunkbox (itch)- Art / Game Design

@EarwormVGM (itch) - Musical Composer

@Beccacorfield (instagram) - Sound Design / Writing


-Blood & gore

-Occult themes

-Mild foul language

-Mild nudity

Created in 10 days for SCREAM JAM 2020, Hawktober 2020, and RPG Horror Celebration Jam 2020


DEUSMORTIS_hotfix.zip 221 MB
DEUSMORTIS_hotfix_MAC.zip 351 MB

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