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The world ends in seven moons.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that things are... out of place? No, how could you?
After all, these are cosmic matters; he consumes systematically and indiscriminately. 

Indeed, our only hope is the very Goddess we shunned centuries ago.
But do you think she’ll return to save us after all this time?
Would the all-matron even bother to save a world of apostates?

The world ends in seven moons.
Perhaps you’ll come to see the truth-- before it’s all over.


- Driving one week time limit before the sun rises, with a new adventure each moon
- Test your skill in hardcore retro combat where decisions mean life or death
- Adventure the interconnected, surreal and fantastical island of Trople
- Uncover treasure in a unique random loot system
- Engage with complex characters via a "Keyword" dialogue system
- Grinding is a thing of the past-- Get stronger through puzzles, adventure, and challenging battles
- Boundless lore delivered through notes organically integrated with the world
- Become immersed in the gripping and ominous twilight before humanity's end
- Hand-illustrated graphics

I would happily answer any questions you have! Constructive criticism is welcome!

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Hello! How much will the full release version be? I look forward to the full release!


Wow, thanks so much! I'm thinking 7$ to match the seven moon time limit :) 


Great! Definitely will purchase!


This game was amazing and I can't wait until it's finished.

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Hey! Finally got time to come and play your game! Hope university is going well, I have been busy with it as well. I still have an old demo downloaded but I guess I'm going to wait for a new one. (I'm the person with the robot called Detail, if you can recall). cheers!

Hey jihanger, good to hear from you. Yeah I'm really working hard this semester, some of my professors have been assigning spontaneous projects. Thanks for asking. I'm glad that a few people are waiting for this, and out of quality assurance I've been delaying.  Should be out soon :) 


Is the demo no longer up, or am I being blind and cant see it?

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Update coming soon with the restored download.


No problem, go ahead and take your time. Never good to stress too much over i


I really feel like this game could go far. Very, very addicting, enough to make me nearly sit 12 hours straight playing it, just to experience all the different scenarios and what not, really fun game, keep up the great work!


Wow, thanks for playing! It makes me so happy to hear that someone enjoys what I make. I'm working on this everyday, so definitely follow the project for major updates!


sorry for the late upload was to busy on stuff but the game is amazing i think i did encounter some minor bugs in my  playthrough but overall its pretty fun and the art is epic aswell love the atmosphere this game gives you 

Thanks so much for checking the game out! Entertaining commentary!


I will keep an eye on your progress. I'm undertaking a similar project, so I know just how much work goes into these things. Best of luck to you!


It's definitely an undertaking, and thank you! I'll be watching your development as well :)